Issue 1: Stephen Ramirez, Liliane Avalos, Amberlea Marcum, Lee Benson, Christina Houle, Candice Hammack

Issue 2: Laura Driver, Michael Menchaca, Julie Rendon, F.I.D.I.D., Liliane Avalos, Frederick Ockrassa, Lee Benson, Athena Melton, Jonathan Monjaras, Laurenne Smith, A. Lady, Candice Hammack

Issue 3: F.I.D.I.D, Athena Melton, Liliane Avalos, Michael Menchaca, Jonathan Monjaras, Candice Hammack

Issue 4: Laura Driver, Matt Booth, Vincent Martinez, Matthew Holmes, Candice Hammack

Issue 5: Lee Benson, Shanna Shultz, Francis Benson, Athena Melton, Candice Hammack

Issue 6: Candice Hammack, Kristin Gamez, Viktoria Valenzuela, Liza Wolff Francis, Athena Melton, Michael Menchaca, Jonathan Monjaras, Liliane Avalos

Issue 7: Maribel Hermosillo, Emily Lewis, Paloma Mayorga, Martha E.S. Buchanan, Candice Hammack

Issue 8: Whitney Oldenburg, Sophie Geneva Page, Dolores Valles, Michael Menchaca, Martha E.S. Buchanan

Issue 9: Soe Yu Nwe, Claudia Zapata, Michael Menchaca, Jia Sung, Dolores Valles, Sydney Parrish, Alli Rogers, Thilanka Jayaweera


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